• I retained Mr. Lytle to defend me against an order of protection. From the beginning, he was professional, courteous, timely, informative and competent. He was knowledgeable about the law and defense against orders of protection and was able to explain the process to me in a concise and complete manner.

    He prepared me fully for each step including the trial–giving me several phone consultations and was complete in his search for information. He discussed his plan of action for our defense and was courteous to seek my approval and answer my questions at each step. At no time, did I feel rushed or that my questions were not answered completely and thoroughly. The day of our trial, we were presented with a surprise piece of evidence. Mr. Lytle handled the new information with ease and adjusted his defense appropriately. His cross-examination was masterful. He is clearly a highly skilled litigator. I was able to see his notes from my position and it was clear that he had been extremely attentive to every detail of our conversation (and I gave him a lot!) He had a basic outline prepared and then adjusted as mentioned. His line of questioning was curious to me at times but he would bring the information extracted back in a way that was advantageous to us and summarize it beautifully to make it concise for the judge. It was incredible to observe. Again, he is a masterful litigator. My case was dismissed after his cross. I did not even have to testify. He also asked questions with the forethought to assist me in my divorce proceedings. I can now use that transcript when I proceed because of the information he was able to obtain during his cross examination. He did this even knowing that he would not represent me in that case as he gave me a referral as it is not his area of expertise. I should also mention that he was known by the court staff. All of them addressed him personally and had a pleasant rapport with him. It was evident that he was a well-respected attorney . To close, I cannot give a higher recommendation to retain Mr. Lytle. He got my case dismissed and brought closure to me and my children in a horrific time of our lives.

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    Alison Avvo
  • Paul was prompt, professional and extremely knowledgeable. He made the whole case a breeze for me. I would highly recommend him
    Veary S
  • From day one Paul was very upfront about the case and never made any promises he couldn’t keep. He clearly explained our options
    Sam   Avvo
  • Mr, Paul J. Lytle is the most professional lawyer that i have ever met. very patient, calm and collective. I will recommend Paul
    Peter   Avvo
  • I was very lucky that a Google search led me to Paul Lytle. My situation was very dire, but Paul was very confident from the start that things would workout. He was very understanding of my financial situation and was willing to work with me, and in the end he worked what I call a miracle for my son. If you’re looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney I recommend Paul
    Addie Avvo
  • Paul Lyttle made us feel like he was part of the family , understood our problem and went above and beyond to win the case for us. Very knowledgable and honest. I would definitely recommend Paul to anybody who needs a lawyer that realy cares. He will do all that he can legally do to help you win your case
    Johnny Avvo
  • Mr. Milan was straight to the point. I showed up to court where Mr. Milan promptly greeted me. He had a file on hand, with my entire driving record, and already had a conversation with the prosecuting attorney about having my charges dismissed. The amount of money in fines that I would of had to pay to the state were more expensive than Mr. Milan’s legal counsel/advice. Believe me when I say this: “The Easy Option” is hiring Mr. Milan.
  • Paul Lytle . . . was very professional, always straight forward . . . As long as you give him the truth, and nothing else, he’ll give you the criminal defense. Thanks for getting the three years of my life back with a clean record, you will hear from me and my family whenever we have any legal issues.