FLEXXBUY: Consumer Financing Regardless of Credit History

Flexxbuy is a multi-lender platform designed to source and secure the best consumer financing options available, regardless of an individual’s credit history. They can approve applications with credit scores as low as 600, and offer terms as long as 60 months, with rates as low as 5.99%

Flexxbuy’s application is a “soft credit inquiry” and will not affect an applicant’s credit score. Once submitted, Flexxbuy will use information contained within the application to illicit offers from up to 11 competing lending institutions. Applicants can be approved within minutes. Approved applicants can select from an array of options, based on their own individual income and credit history.

Funds are released directly to the consumer and made immediately available for the satisfaction of their attorney’s fees.

Best of all, Flexxbuy is available to everyone. Applicants need not be a party to apply. Friends and family members may apply on behalf of their loved ones, and take advantage of the same great rates.

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